Today is the 43rd anniversary of KISS Alive II. That means it is just 3 days younger than my sister. Sorry, Sis, I guess I gave that away… Anyway, it had some of my favorite KISS songs on it and five studio tunes. This song featured Bob Kulick stepping in for Ace who couldn’t be bothered to show up or just wasn’t able because of demons (and not the Gene Simmons kind). Bob’s younger brother, Bruce, was later a full-member (well, full hired hand). Bob sadly passed away in May of this year. RIP, Bob. Enjoy this video!

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“Do you wanna make believe? There’s nothing up my sleeve. I’m a man as man can be as you can plainly see. Don’t wanna see no tears. Eliminate your fears. When you think you’ve seen it all, baby… You can’t believe your eyes, what you heard weren’t lies. My love is too much to hold, too much to hold. Much too much.” – “Larger Than Life”