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Today is the 8th anniversary of KISS’ last (so far) album, Monster. We talked about this this on Asylum: Tales from the Devereaux Diaries podcast last night. It’s not a bad album. There’s a lot of energy and a lot of ambition. I didn’t like it much at first, but over the last two weeks I have listened to it a lot (along with Sonic Boom) and have a new appreciation for it. This KISS tribute band does a decent job with it. The Catman looks like Peter back there. The Starchild has a hard time with the vocals but no worse than Paul does. Enjoy!

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“I rode the highway to heartache. I took a trip on the ship of fools, woah yeah! And I paid the price to have my way because money makes the rules, yeah!” – “Hell or Hallelujah” (Stanley)