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Today is the 37th anniversary of Genesis’ self-titled twelfth album. To me, this is where they dug in to the sound that I came to know and love from the band. We all know what a huge fan of Peter Gabriel I am, but I am not that big a fan of the PG era of Genesis. The late-70s through 80s was good stuff. And while this was the last album before they completely popped out, the follow-up, Invisible Touch is still my favorite Genesis album. But, this is one of my favorite Genesis tunes. Enjoy!

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“I can’t see you mama but I can hardly wait. Ooh, to touch and to feel you mama. Oh, I just can’t keep away. In the heat and the steam of the city, oh, it’s got me running and I just can’t brake. So say you’ll help me mama, ’cause its getting so hard. Oh!” – “Mama” (Banks/Rutherford/Collins)