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Yesterday was a pretty routine day. Well, maybe not. We got a late start. The BCPF finished her biggest project of the year, I was up way too late, yadda yadda yadda. We really only got to listen to a few records yesterday but we bought a few at Underdog Records. Here’s the haul:

Pink Floyd – A Dark Side Of The Moon — This is a European import of a live concert recorded at London Wembley Empire Pool on November 16, 1974. I’m assuming that it is VG+. I bought it “new” but a lot of these imports come unsealed, so I don’t know what the rating/grading is and if they are new or not. This is the gray sleeved version.

Bad Brains – Live ’79 Soundboard — I know nothing about Bad Brains, just that I’ve heard the name for years. This is another import and unofficial release, this one from Finland. I’ve seen a review or two that says it’s not worth money because while it is a “soundboard” recording it’s dubbed from some old wonky cassette or something. We’ll see. VG+?

John Prine – Sweet Revenge — I’ve only heard John Prine like three times outside of his comedy-ish song, “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian.” One was when I did the RS list and another a few months back when he passed away. I don’t necessarily care for him. I feel we already had a Bob Dylan, we didn’t need a cheap knock-off. I realize that he’s much more than that, now. But, while I have to say I enjoyed a good bit of this album, it’s still mostly “meh” for me. New.

Alexander Courage – Star Trek, From The Original Pilots: The Cage & Where No Man Has Gone Before (Original Television Soundtrack) — “The Cage” was the original pilot of STOS and instead of Captain Kirk, “Bones” and the like, it had “Number One” and Captain Christopher Pike. NBC thought it had out kicked the coverage of its viewing audience and refused it, ordering instead a second pilot. This is where “Where No Man Has Gone Before” comes in. It was the first episode America saw, with Kirk and Bones. “The Cage” was mostly recycled into one of the most famous STOS episodes, “The Menagerie.” This comes in one of three colors: Red Shirt Red, Science Officer Blue or Command Gold. But, you don’t know which color you get until you open it. This is sealed. Hold on, I’ll open it… Science Officer Blue!!

Beck – Kaos Radio Session – Olympia, WA. January 13, 1994 — So, another import/bootleg/unofficial release from Europe. The cover says January 26, 1994, but the back says January 13, 1994. Also, the Discogs entry has a red cover with yellow border, but mine is blue with a pink border. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a crappy copy but The BCPF is a huge Beck fan, so… VG+?

Pretenders – Live At The Palladium New York City, 1980: FM Broadcast — This is a limited edition unofficial release from Europe. It’s sealed, is on a true label and has a barcode. I hope it is of decent sonic quality. New.

Nirvana – Damage, Mon Amour — An Italian unofficial release. A Collection of live and radio recordings from 1989 through 1994. On blue viny VG+?

Nirvana – At The End Of Lonely Street — Another Italian unofficial release. A collection of bedroom, garage and studio demos from 1989 through 1992. VG+?

Bob Marley – The Best Of Bob Marley — German import. This is a rerecording of Bob Marley songs by Marley, not your typical compilation. As one reviewer said on Discogs: A great copy in term of musical quality. Not a lot of the greatest hits but some interesting takes on some well-known songs. Refreshing. VG+?

Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine – Let It Loose — Yeah, I know. It was sealed and an original pressing from 1987. I’m a sucker for the Top 40 bubblegum of the time. I couldn’t resist. NM.

Jonathan was gearing up for RSD Drop 2 that happens next Saturday. You have until midnight tonight to register for the lottery for this weekend. Same deal as before except another half hour added, so that means six more people get to have a turn in-store. It starts at 8a and three people (and a possible +1) get 15 minutes to shop the store, including the RSD booty. When the 15 minutes are up, they have to check out and leave. 815a folks get to come in and the process repeats. Last month he cut it off at 11a. This month it goes until 1130a. He promptly closes the store and then takes inventory. Then, at 1p the website goes live with leftover stock from RSD. Remember, in the past, this hasn’t been allowed by the official RSD brass. This year, the are allowing it. Visit the Underdog Records website to register for your chance to be one of the lucky 42. Then come home and use Discogs to keep track of your loot.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I like the way you cross the street ’cause your precious. Moving through the Cleveland heat, how precious. Taking rides and all the kicks was so precious. But you know I was sh***in’ bricks ’cause I’m precious. Made me want to, made me want to, you made me make it. Oh, you’re so mean.” – “Precious” (Hynde)