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Today is the 35th anniversary of KISS’ 13th studio album, Asylum. It’s the youngest of the “triplets” that includes Lick It Up, Animalize and this one, in that order. While I think it is overall the weakest of the three, it did have the best single (to me) from the three albums, and this is that. The funny thing about this version is that it’s the Monsters Of Rock festival and other than some appearance in the background, Gene, who is probably one of the two most important members, is never shown in this. I just find it strange. But, they do a good job of it. This is from 1988. Enjoy!

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“I read your mind like an open book. You lost the fire in your eyes. You turn to me with a different look. And then it’s raining; looks like it’s raining. Oh no, tears are falling.” – “Tears Are Falling” (Stanley)