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A good but long week for The BCPF and me led to a good weekend, including a fantastic trip to Underdog Records. I don’t have a lot to say about it other than, here’s the haul:

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The first two are of the TimeLife – The Story of Great Music collections that I ordered from Discogs and told you about a week ago.

Various – The Opulent Era — Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Wagner, and one of my favorites, Camille Saint-Saëns, and more line this 4xLP collection. NM.

Various – The Music Of Today — Shostakovich, Sir William Walton, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Aaron Copland. NM.

The rest is yesterday’s haul:

Prince – Dirty Mind — #206 on the RS List, this is Prince’s third album and the first one to really get him any recognition. Looking at other albums out in 1980, this cover had to have gotten some desperate housewives hot and flustered. He’s in his leather banana hammock and trench coat and not much else. New.

Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos — The new Manson album, this is a solid listen front to back. It’s a little odd for the usual Manson fare, but there’s enough of it in there that you know it’s him. I liked it. New.

Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes — The debut album from the folk punk heroes. a lot of popular tunes from this album: “Blister in the Sun,” “Kiss Off,” “Add It Up,” “Gone Daddy Gone” and more. New.

Hootie & The Blowfish – Cracked Rear View — This album, like the band Nickelback and heck, Hootie, too, is chided and I can’t really tell why. The snooty know-it-alls will say because it’s this reason or that reason or whatever and it “sucks.” Well, it was the best selling album of 1995 and is the 19th best selling album of all time. I mean, 21 million copies sold, it couldn’t have sucked that bad. That just means that those same know-it-alls are just blowhards who just want to hear themselves talk (or type). Now, that being said, if you just don’t like it, I can live with that. I think it was just overplayed, but if you’re the artist, isn’t that what you want? I’d give a lot to have a “hit” that was played so much it was considered “overplayed.” I’m indifferent about it one way or the other, I just wanted it in my collection. New.

Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor — Manson’s ninth album. I don’t really know much about this one, but it did have three singles: “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge,” “Deep Six,” “Cupid Carries a Gun.” 2xLP. New.

The Head And The Heart – Let’s Be Still — I know nothing about this band. Have never even heard of them. But, it’s indie folk rock. Who do we know that is a fan of that genre? That’s right! And, she is the one who picked this up. 2xLP. New.

Pavement – Crooked Rain Crooked Rain — Straight up indie rock that sits at #212 on the RS list. This is Pavement’s second album, their debut, Slanted and Enchanted is also on that list. The debut was a bit lo-fi where this is more accessible, straight-ahead indie rock. I liked it. New.

Superchunk – Foolish — We bought the acoustic version last year and I have to say I enjoyed that one better. Mac McCaughan’s voice rakes on me sometimes. Overall I like the band, I’ve seen them twice in concert, but this is a bit much. New.

Nirvana – Bleach — When this album came out, I was in a spot where my preferred music was in danger of being dethroned and I was anti- that. I talked badly about Nirvana (and Grunge in general), Cobain, the music, the fans, everything. I thought it sucked. I thought it was awful. I thought it was scourge of the Earth. I said bad things that I regret about Kurt Cobain. Over time, though, I came to respect all that Nirvana was. Nevermind, which was my bane when it arrived, has come to be a great album in my eyes. I had never heard this album (which was their debut) and this thing rocks!!!! I was dumb. I was an idiot. I was blind but now I see. Man, this is even better than Nevermind in my opinion. I loved it. New.

Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights — I have never heard anything from Interpol that I know of. I asked Jonathan about it and he said they were just a straight rock band with a bit of a darker side. I said, okay. NM.

Joe Jackson – Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive — 1981 album from Jackson of a lot of swing and jump blues tunes. I like Joe Jackson. I like jump blues and swing. VG+.

Mussorgsky — The Philadelphia OrchestraEugene Ormandy – Pictures At An Exhibition – Night On Bald Mountain — VG+.

We started the music section back on this week’s episode of The Less Desirables which is sponsored by Underdog Records. Don’t forget to register to get in on the lottery for RSD Drop 2 coming September 26. Use Discogs to track your collection and buy albums to add to it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“When I’m out walking, I strut my stuff and I’m so strung out. I’m high as a kite. I just might stop to check you out.” – “Blister In The Sun” (Gano)