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Today is the 30th anniversary of Alice In Chain’s debut album, Facelift. That means 30 years since we were first introduced to “Man In The Box” which I think is one of the greatest rock tunes ever. I don’t really know what the lyrics mean, but I like it. The first song I ever played live as the lead singer of a band was this song. The band was called Amorak, which is Eskimo for “spirit of the wolf.” Our guitarist’s last name was Wolford, so that’s why it was named that. It was a bit out of my vocal range then and probably now, but a few years ago, my range could handle it. Still, I love the tune. This cover really starts at 4:30 so feel free to skip ahead. It’s… well, interesting. Enjoy?

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“Feed my eyes (can you sew them shut?). Jesus Christ (deny your maker). He who tries (will be wasted). Feed my eyes (now you’ve sewn them) shut!” – “Man In The Box” (Cantrell/Staley)