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Yesterday was pretty much a usual Saturday for us. We got up and went to Underdog Records, had lunch at BLL Rotisserie Factory, came home listened to some records, went to check in with the Maw-In-Law and ate dinner. That’s it. Here’s the haul:



  • Rush – A Farewell To Kings — So, with the exception of the debut album, Rush, I have all the Rush studio albums up through Hold Your Fire and then the live albums All the World’s a Stage and Exit…Stage Left. I want all of them, of course. I’ll find the ones I’m missing somehow. Some of them may not be available on vinyl given their time period but I’m sure not that Neil Peart is gone, we’ll get rereleases and “first time on vinyl” releases. New.
  • David Bowie – Heathen — Bowie co-produced this 2002 album with Tony Visconti, which hadn’t produced an album with Bowie since 1980’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). It was started prior to the 9/11 events and was influenced by them. Not my favorite Bowie, for sure, and he’s starting to sound “old” at this point. There are a couple of covers, too, like Neil Young’s “I’ve Been Waiting for You,” “I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship” from Legendary Stardust Cowboy and “Cactus” from the Pixies. I think it was supposed to be a lot of songs like the LSC, obscure 1960s tunes. I grabbed this from the clearance bin. New.
  • Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison — Yes, I have this already but the copy is on VG and since it is #88 on the RS list, I felt I needed a better copy. Plus, outside of RSD or other “special” or “novelty” releases, it’s the first time it’s been reissued on vinyl in many years. New.
  • Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak — Not a huge Thin Lizzy fan but I really needed some in my collection. Doing the “musical tourist” thing, I went for the one that had their two biggest tunes, the title track and “The Boys Are Back In Town.” Also, pulled from the clearance bin. New.
  • The Steve Miller Band – Greatest Hits 1974-78 — I had this on CD and as I’m not the world’s biggest Steve Miller fan, I really like these tunes, so here we go. It was in the used section at Underdog but it’s still sealed and is not a cutout. It also cost me more than a few of the new ones you’ll see below, so I’m counting it as New and it’s on transparent blue vinyl (according to the hype sticker).
  • No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom — A very important album from the 90s. I say that because it brought Ska to a whole new audience and really introduced Gwen Stefani to the world. They were around prior but until this album, no one really heard of them unless you were looking specifically for that genre of music. I love this album and I’m not that into Ska. New.
  • Archers Of Loaf – White Trash Heroes — The BCPF loves her Archers of Loaf but mainly she loves her Merge Records artists. This is one of those. We have an Eric Bachmann album and he sings much differently on that than he does here. On white vinyl, new.
  • Axis – It’s A Circus World — All I know about this band is that it has Carmine Appice’s little brother (and Dio drummer) Vinny Appice as 1/3 of the lineup. This seems to be the only album they released and it is from 1978. Funny thing about Carmine and Vinny… Carmine goes by Carmine A-peace but Vinny is Vinny App-a-see. VG+.
  • Bob Geldof – Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere — Also in the used bin but sealed. This was the first album after Bob left Boomtown Rats. The main single was “This Is the World Calling” with “Love Like a Rocket” also being released. There are a lot of guest appearances on this album: Eric Clapton, Midge Ure (Ultravox), Jools Holland (Squeeze), Annie Lennox, Jamie West-Oram (from The Fixx), Alison Moyet (from Yaz), Clem Burke (from Blondie), Maria McKee, Bono and more. Again, still sealed so I’m going with New.
  • Hammer – Black Sheep — Hammer is Jan Hammer (of “Miami Vice Theme” fame) and his backing band. I figure it’s probably jazz instrumentals. I haven’t heard it yet. VG++ sealed cutout.
  • The Power Station – The Power Station 33⅓ — Of the two Duran Duran side projects, I liked this one the best. John and Andy Taylor, Tony Thompson and Robert Palmer. Yes. Yes, please! The drum sound on “Some Like It Hot” is amazing. I also like their cover of “Get It On” from T-Rex. Two of the band has passed on but we have this album! Well, and the follow-up but no one talks about that one. VG+.
  • Night – Night — Night apparently had two Top 20 hits in the 70s: “Hot Summer Nights” (No. 18) and “If You Remember Me” (No. 17). Also, Chris Thompson is one of the lead vocalists (they had two) and he is probably best known as the vocalist for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band on their cover of “Blinded By The Light.” He also did some work with the Alan Parsons Project. This is a promo copy and is VG+.

Well, a week without any classical, that’s become a novelty. But, I am awaiting the final box set from the TimeLife collection I ordered from Discogs. It has finally reached Greensboro or so I was told this morning by the USPS.

Jonathan has rearranged a few things in the store and said that business is going well. They are still only open Thursday through Saturday with Monday through Wednesday being delivery and organization time. Have you gotten in on the lottery for RSD? You still have until next Saturday 8/22 to get in. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s where you can find out more. I hope I get drawn! And, of course, I use Discogs to track my collection and fill the ones that I can’t find anywhere else.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on. Some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on. Some like it hot, but you can’t tell how hot ’til you try. Some like it hot, so let’s turn up the heat ’til we fry.” – “Some Like It Hot” (Palmer/Taylor/Taylor)