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I’m giving you a break from videos today. I don’t know if it’s a break or not, though. I mean, I’d just as soon watch videos than to read a bunch of words. Then again, I hate reading, so… Anywhat! Today I got to do something that was almost reminiscent of the way things were back in late February/early March. I produced four podcasts. All of them were for The Less Desirables Network, but not all of them were recorded today. That’s okay, though. It was some semblance of “normalcy.”

So, what did I produce? I recorded and produced a new episode of The Man Who Ate the Town and The Beer Dads. I “produced” which means published in this case the latest non-Patreon episode of Wheeler’s Dog and put together/produced one for Fan Interference in which Ty basically said goodbye to that old name for the Washington Football Team. I felt good about it. I got work done. That helps the mind, for sure.

Listen to the episode of:

TMWATT here.
The Beer Dads here.
Wheeler’s Dog here.
Fan Interference here.

Thank you in advance for listening. We will have new episodes of The Less Desirables and Asylum: The Tales of the Devereaux Diaries Podcast later this week.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I consume a lot of podcasts. I’m a voracious podcast consumer.” – Paul F. Tompkins