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Wow, today is the 30th anniversary of Extreme’s second album, Extreme II: Pornografitti and that was a big album for me. So many good songs on it and it spent a lot of time in my CD player. I will say I was disappointed when I got the vinyl of this and “Hole Hearted” was left off. One of the best songs on that album and it was gone. But, still, the rest of the album was amazing. The first time I heard this song, it floored me. It wasn’t so much of a power ballad as it was just a powerful ballad. I know that Jack and Jimmy are just making fun of the cheese of the video but I think they did a fine job recreating both the vid and the tune. Enjoy!

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“What would you do if my heart was torn in two? More than words to show you feel that your love for me is real. What would you say if I took those words away? Then you couldn’t make things new just by saying I love you.” – “More Than Words” (Cherone/Bettencourt)