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As I stated yesterday, I was on the road and didn’t have access to WiFi and wanted to save this one for today so you “Sounds Like Saturday” was yesterday. Yeah, I know, I’m all confusing. 2631c-just2bengaged

But today I’m celebrating yesterday. It was the 10th anniversary of my sister getting married and one of my besties, Brian, who started The Less Desirables with me, also got married on that same day. I was in Brian’s wedding so I couldn’t go to my sister’s wedding. Well, yesterday I was supposed to officiate her vow renewal. So we traveled to Boone, NC, which is where I am. However, life and circumstance got in the way and we will be doing that ceremony this evening.

In my best Arlo Guthrie voice, I say: But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about.

Yesterday was also the ninth anniversary of me asking The BCPF to be my wife. As is now customary, I will not go into the details because you can look up July 31 from any year past and hear/read that story.

I just want to say that I love this woman to no end and I am so happy that I made that fateful trip to the mall on November 22, 2010. I know what you’re thinking. What the heck does November 22 have to do with July 31? Well, that’s when I bought the engagement ring. It was two days after my birthday, where she had orchestrated a gathering of friends to celebrate it. The care and detail she went to were amazing and I knew, even more than I previously had, that I had to have her in my life. I didn’t go to the mall with the intention of buying a ring. I went for whatever arbitrary reason I had to go. But, I was floating high and when I passed by Marks and Morgan, I just stopped in to check things out. I walked out with a beautiful ring. But, the timing wasn’t right to ask her, for many reasons, and I waited until the time was right. 74582-the2bring

Fast forward through all the stuff I’ve written about in the past and we come to now. I haven’t regretted asking her, not once, since then. She is my life. She is the reason I’m alive. She is the reason. Period. Through thick, thin, better, worse, health, (and especially) sickness… all those things, she is with me and I with her.

The last four months have been challenging for many and it has for us, too. But, even though we are around each other for 24 hours a day most days, I haven’t felt like it was hindering our relationship at all. During the day, she is in her own little world working and I am usually under headphones, writing, preparing, editing podcasts, etc. So, whilst we are about 15 feet apart, we aren’t crowded. It does help that I have my new studio setup at home and can disappear up there or go to my actual studio. Yeah, it helps, but not completely necessary as we still get along gloriously.

Stephanie, this is the second of the four anniversaries we celebrate each year. I love you more each day and am so glad you are my better 3/4, my betterment, my life. Here’s to about 40 more.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Are you serious?” – The BCPF