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Today is the 40th anniversary of one of the most powerful hard rock albums of all time (at least to me), AC/DC’s Back In Black. It was a statement from the band that had lost its frontman, the voice, Bon Scott. Brian Johnson had big shoes to fill and fill them he did. To me, this is the AC/DC album. So, enjoy that time when Meat Loaf played Angus Young in an AC/DC cover band!

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“Flying on a free flight. Driving all night with my machinery. ‘Cause I got the power, any hour to show the man in me. I got reputations blown to pieces with my artillery. I’ll be guided in. We’ll be ridin’ given what you got to me. Don’t you struggle. Don’t you fight. Don’t you worry ’cause it’s your turn tonight! Let me put my love into you, babe.” – “Let Me Put My Love Into You” (Young/Young/Johnson)