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There isn’t anything celebrating an anniversary today that I care to talk about. But, I’m drawing on tomorrow as there are several things for me to choose from. Tomorrow is the 37th anniversary of Metallica’s debut album, Kill ‘Em All. I knew nothing of them. Pineville, WV had no access to that kind of thing. I didn’t hear anything from until …And Justice For All in 1988 and that was because of the video for “One.” That was the fastest I think I ever heard music up to that point. Kill ‘Em All was a revolutionary thing for heavy metal. No one sounded like Metallica.

On March 26, 1992, I went to see the “Wherever We May Roam Tour” which was the supporting tour of the Metallica (also known as the “black” album). We had, by luck, scored second-row seats for the “in the round” stage setup. When this song was played, James Hetfield came onto the floor and sang with groups of folks. Then he said it… “I need one more crazy m**********r to sing with me.” Well, I was that crazy m**********r and I screamed that at him. He came over and grabbed my hand pulled me over the rail and did the “searchin’…” part. I had drawn a heavy breath through my nose and when I screamed the “seek and destroy!” parts, my friends who were in the back of the arena said they couldn’t even hear the band over my loud self.

About three years later, I was in a band that did this song and I played bass and backups on it. It was always fun to do. After the black album, however, the band lost me and I didn’t care much about anything else they did. Once the hair was cut, I was done, I guess. Anywhat! Enjoy this version from the band way back in 1983. It’s a good version.

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“We are scanning the scene in the city tonight. We are looking for you to start up a fight. There is an evil feeling in our brains but it is nothing new you know it drives us insane. Running, on our way hiding. You will pay dying one thousand deaths.” – “Seek and Destroy” (Hetfield/Ulrich)