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I have to stop and talk, real quick about my boy, 3B. Yeah, he’s technically a man now but he’s always gonna be “my boy.” 2020 hasn’t been what he thought his senior year would be. But, that’s all over and he’s graduated primary school. Next, he moves on to a new life, one that includes, at least for now, culinary training.

In fact, he and my nephew started their 13-week program at Providence Culinary Training. Today, he had Knife-Skills Tier 1 and my friend Chef Antwan Hairston is his instructor for that. Chef Antwan tagged me in a post about it today. I just wanted to share the pic because I’m proud of it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Having sharp, great knives will enable you to cook very precisely. Knife skills are essential in cooking.” – Eric Ripert