Today is the 4th of July. Happy birthday, America. I know you’re flawed and undergoing some crazy stuff right now. Hang in there. Sometime this month, possibly tomorrow, Billy Squire’s infamous Signs of Life turns 36 years old. It’s infamous because of the official video for this song. This is Billy in 2009 and it is much cooler than the video let on. Enjoy! Be safe!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Moonlight in the city brings the magic to your eyes. Freezin’ a moment – leave me paralyzed. Breathe an emotion – set it dancin’ in my ear. Bring on the rhythm when I hold you near. Take me in your arms – roll me through the night. Take me to your heart – rock me tonite.” – “Rock Me Tonite” (Squier)