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Tomorrow is July 4th but I’m taking it off. And, I see nothing on today’s release roster that I want to talk about, so I looked to tomorrow and tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of Brother Cane’s second album, Seeds. I have this on CD and, truthfully, I haven’t listened to it in probably 25 years. Again, truthfully, I totally forgot about it. I do remember that I really loved this song more than the tune that was probably more popular from them, “Got No Shame.” I just found a recent version from Brother Cane to highlight. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Come and see me. Can’t you see me? It’s so easy to believe in you. I believed in you. Your intention, my addiction. Fear no evil. You’ll be safe in here, I was saved in here. And fools shine on where fools shine on.” – “And Fools Shine On” (Johnson/Frederiksen)