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Today, I “officially” reopened The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill for podcast recordings. Now, that being said I won’t be doing everything in that studio right away. Really, I’m only opening it so I can accommodate the clients that need a place for in-person podcasting. Some of my podcasts, ones that I host, will be done, some from my home, and some from the studio.

I haven’t talked much about this part, but I got my EIDL from the government and I have spent a good bit of it on new equipment, new computers, new processes and soon, a new table from which we do podcasting. I’m also going to reorganize the studio space, creating a new editing room and separate recording space.

The recording space will be in the same room that the podcasts are recorded, now. The editing room will be in a different spot in my suite, which I used to call “my office.” I never have used it as an office as I tended to do everything from the studio. The closest it has come to being an office is that the printer and internet router (thank you X1 Communications) are in there. But, it will be rearranged and used more effectively.

For the third office in the suite, I have to figure out what to use it for. My initial plan was for video. I don’t know about that now. We talked about turning it into a “set” for a revival of Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking but as of now, that whole idea is on permanent hold. The big room, I hope to figure something to do with that, too, but I am less interested in filling that room as it ties the whole thing together.

Now, speaking of Sipping NC and the “big room,” I went in yesterday to let in the cleaners that I had come in to help me prepare and when I walked in the door, I noticed a mess. It seems the top shelf of my liquor wall that held the bottles and cans Jordan Keiper and I had collected from the libation makers on the SNC show, collapsed and the bottles (save one wine bottle) had toppled to the floor. In doing so, I lost two bottles, a Bedlam Vodka bottle and a Covington Sweet Potato Vodka bottle had both shattered and the alcohol had soaked into the carpet. There were several other bottles that had fallen but none of them broke. Oddly enough, two of the bottles had lost their corked caps. That isn’t the odd part. The odd part is, I never found them. Nowhere. Gone. Disappeared.

I looked around and in the “office” I noticed a bag of ketchup and mustard packets had been gnawed to shreds by a rat or mouse or something. We have had a problem with those in the last little bit (but we have an exterminator that has planted bait traps). My only thought is that perhaps the rodent liked the smell of the alcohol and took them off somewhere to “have a party.” I don’t know, but it’s funny to think of it.

So, that was my adventure yesterday. I have clients scheduled for next week. Yay me! We’ll see where this new adventure takes me. Thanks for indulging me in my story.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I don’t think anybody can create in a space where they don’t feel comfortable.” – Amy Sherald