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Today is the 43rd anniversary of the KISS album that sits at #2 on my list. #2 but in reality it’s probably #1, Love Gun. It was my first KISS album. It was the one that was fresh (other than Alive II and the solo albums) when I discovered the band that I call my favorite of all time and that I have formulated an entire podcast, along with two of my cousins, around. I will be getting into this album more in the weeks and months ahead when we discuss it on the podcast. I’ll tell you more about that podcast later, too. Incidentally, it is also the 43rd anniversary of KISS putting their blood in the ink at the Marvel Comics printing plant. This was a “sleeper” on the album and when I was a kid, I rarely listened to it, but as I got older, I realized that this was pretty much the epitome of Gene, outside of “God of Thunder” (which oddly enough, he didn’t write, Paul did). I really love this tune and it seems this is the second time they did it live, so Paul says. Enjoy!

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“I’m almost human, can’t help feeling strange. The moon is out, I think I’m gonna change. You’re so smooth and tender, a living, breathing dream. I’ve got to have you, baby, I’m listening for your scream. (I’m almost human) I’m almost a man.” – “Almost Human” (Simmons)