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Yesterday, the internet went down at Le Château de Beeman. It went out at 245p or so. It came back on around 10-ish. Six and a quarter hours isn’t a long time and yeah, we used to be without the internet all day, every day. But, here’s the thing: my business is internet-based. Everything I do, everything I am. It’s internet-based. Okay, that’s an over-exaggeration. But, my reliance on the internet is heavy. Internet_of_Things

I had to operate on some “data” plan yesterday and everything else that I do, being mostly internet-based, kept me from doing just about anything else. The BCPF, who is working from home, spent some time out in the yard. We listened to some records and spent some time together. That part was great. We grabbed food to go and ate a bit before the pipeline opened back up.

Really, it wasn’t so bad. Merely an inconvenience. However, it did reiterate to me my reliance on technology and especially the interwebs. Another thing that I realized is this: I am okay with that. I have no problem being so dependant on the internet. The only time I have a problem is when it isn’t there. Whether on my computer, my cell phone, my Amazon Fire TV, Alexa, my Napster, any of it, I have to have my internet. I need it and I will get cranky when I don’t. I know I got on the nerves of the Spectrum customer service Twitter account. I apologize to them for that. Just keep the danged service up!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“There is an underlying, fundamental reliance on the Internet, which continues to grow in the number of users, country penetration and both fixed and wireless broadband access.” – Vint Cerf