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So, I’m backdating this for yesterday, but full disclosure, I am writing this on Thursday. The internet in our house was out yesterday from around 245p and didn’t come back on until around 10p. Yeah, that’s time to get a blog post in but I had everything else I had to get to that I missed while the ‘net was down. Anywhat! I am still drawing from Thursday for this post because, frankly, there wasn’t anything I wanted to talk about from Wednesday. So, “tomorrow” will be the 38th anniversary of Peter Criss’ second true solo album, Let Me Rock You. I will be completely honest with you, here… I’ve never heard anything from this album. But, it has a lot of guest writers (duh) and guest players. I mean Gene wrote a song for this – and Peter had been gone for a few years at this point. Vini Poncia produced it, but he did Peter’s 1978 KISS “solo album,” Dynasty and Unmasked. That’s important because Vini had a bit to do with Peter leaving the band because his playing wasn’t up to par and Vini kind of pushed him out and had Anton Fig in his place. This song is performed by the man (one of them) that actually wrote the song and it’s a bit different from what is on the album. And, yes, that is Vincent Cusano, aka Vinnie Vincent. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“A master of the beat, you got my number in your hands. A killer on the streets. you got your, your action plan. But somewhere in your heart, there must be a place for me, ’cause, sweetheart, I think I see.” – “Tears” (Cusano/Mitchell)