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The record post will be tomorrow. Today is Father’s Day, my 18th. My son was born in May and I have now had 18 of these things. I love that he let me be one. I had to earn the title “Dad.” As I say on The Beer Dads every week, “any knucklehead can father a child but it takes a real man to be a ‘Dad.’” I believe that, too. I think 3B allows me to be a Dad.


It may be cliché (and clichés usually are there for a reason), but my dad is my hero and one of the two biggest influences on my life. As I said last year in my post, he taught me to be a man, be my own man. He taught me what I know in business (again as did my mother). My dad taught me to give folks the shirt off my back (although no one wants to see that) who need it. We certainly aren’t rolling in but we aren’t living on the streets, either. So, we give what we can when we can. My dad is no bleeding-heart liberal like The BCPF and I are, but he still has compassion for those in need.

I see that he’s proud of me; he doesn’t have to say it. I’m proud of my son and things he’s becoming and things he’s done even at this young age. He’s made steps for his future and while those may change, this “Dad” is proud as heck to call him “Son” as I think my dad does me. So to my “Pops” and my readers who are “Dads,” “Stepdads” or even “Father Figures.” Happy Father’s Day and I hope it is wonderful for you all.

Not only is it Father’s Day today, it’s also my parents’ 52nd wedding anniversary and the 34th anniversary of me moving to WSNC. I got to see my family and my son and his girlfriend went with The BCPF and I to eat for lunch and it was fantastic!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I have a Father’s Day every day.” – Dennis Banks