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Today is the 51st anniversary of one of the worst albums ever, even though it’s considered one of the greatest. No, it’s not Velvet Underground, although I keep the same regard for that album, however, I don’t mind listening to this one. Nope, it’s Trout Mask Replica, the album from Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart (somehow #60 on the RS list). I found it difficult to look for a cover from this. Then again, I really didn’t look long. This may be a joke. Then again, it may not be. Enjoy!

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“Moonlight on Vermont affected everybody. Even Mrs. Wooten well as Little Nitty. Even lifebuoy floating with his lil’ pistol showing and his lil’ pistol toting. Well that goes to show you what a moon can do.” – “Moonlight On Vermont” (Van Vliet)