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So, today is the anniversary of two albums that I could even bring myself to talk about, and for neither of them do I have many positive things to say. I have a strange love/hate relationship with Radiohead. I love parts of their catalog and totally cannot stand other parts. OK Computer and Pablo Honey I dug, but other than that… I don’t really get it.

The other album is Metallica’s St. Anger. I have a looooong love/hate relationship with them. I really enjoyed them through Metallica (or the black album). After that, they became Me-suck-lick-uh. This album certainly falls in that “that’s horrible” stage. I mean, what in the wide world of sports is up with that snare sound? It sounds so “high school.” Anyway, it’s awful. I know my cousins (or should I say Kousins… that will become more clear in later posts), Gary and Marvin disagree with me on this. Or, maybe they don’t. I can’t remember where they stand on this album. I will just say, I hate it.

That being said… Enjoy (and excuse the very explicit language)!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I feel my world shake like an earthquake. Hard to see clear, is it me, is it fear? I’m madly in anger with you.” – “St. Anger” (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett/Rock)