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About 15 years ago or so, and wow on that time flying… I was in a band called Busted Uncle. We were primarily a hair band/late 80s hard rock “cover” band but we also had our own songs. We did a little demo called DEMOlisten. It was my first foray into producing. I didn’t do a great job, really, but it was passable. Not having the proper equipment for the mixdown portion was the worst part. We spent good money on the recording pieces. Well, with the pandemic happening, many bands have found time to make composite videos of songs, where each member does his own part and they are put together to form a video. We did this, with the exception of the drummer Bob, who is doing his own things. So, Nick, the son of guitarist Jake filled in. This is one of the originals we wrote called “Hate To See You Go.” We had fun with it. Enjoy!

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“I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave” – “Hate To See You Go” (Busted Uncle)