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Today is the anniversary of several albums. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere from Neil Young & Crazy Horse (#210 on the RS list) celebrates 51 years today. The Carpenters’ self-titled third album is 49. Relics: A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & Curios, a compilation album from Pink Floyd is also 49. Little Queen, the second album from Heart is 43 today. Breaking All the Rules from Peter Frampton is 39. Combat Rock from The Clash is 38. Chicago 17, my personal favorite Chicago album is 36. Spellbound, the second album from Paula Abdul is 29. Slang, the sixth studio album from Def Leppard is 24 as is Long Line from Peter Wolf and All This Useless Beauty from Elvis Costello & the Attractions. Maladroit from Weezer and Down the Road from Van Morrison and Vapor Trails from Rush are all 18 today.  That’s a lot of albums. The last three were released the day before my son was born. I guess you can figure what tomorrow’s post will be about, huh? Anywhat! This is what I decided to play today. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Loneliness is such a sad affair. And I can hardly wait to be with you again. What to say to make you come again? Come back to me again and play your sad guitar.” – “Superstar” (Bramlett/Russell)