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Today is the 35th anniversary of Dire Strait’s Brothers In Arms album. It is cliche but it is my favorite from the band. It sits at #352 on the RS list. It was the first time I ever heard anything from the band. I had it on cassette in 1985, on CD in the 90s and now I own the original LP. I must say as much as I will always pick vinyl over the others, it’s my least favorite medium for this album. That’s because with the limitations of space on vinyl, the songs had to be truncated which includes the extended, soulful sax solo on the song we’re playing to day. In fact, the entire first side of the album has truncated versions of the songs except for the one that I thought could have been left off completely, the very annoying “Walk of Life.” But it sounds good on vinyl, shortened songs or not. Anyway, I dispensed with all the searching for covers and went with the real deal, at least as far as the writer of the song. Enjoy!

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“All the late-night bargains have been struck between the satin beaus and their belles. And prehistoric garbage trucks have the city to themselves. Echoes roars dinosaurs, they’re all doing the monster mash. And most of the taxis and most of the whores are only taking calls for cash.” – “Your Latest Trick” (Knopfler)