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Today, I’m not posting any video. Today, I’m posting about a (gasp! yes another) fundraising effort by the musical folks of WSNC. I’ve talked about Dale Cole and the Virtual Village a few times and they have been on The Less Desirables a few times. DC&VV put together a compilation of area musicians, with much thanks to Steven Jones for putting it together. If you look through the list you will find a few names that you’ve heard me talking about on this blog or have heard on TLD, either live or via the music section.


Names like: Clay Howard, Steven Jones, DC&VV, GORyanGO (Matt Weiser, part of VSS and has been a guest on TLD a few years back), Whiskey Foxtrot (guests just last year), Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis), Joshua West, Lee and Susan Terry & the Near Strangers (the first live musical artists ever on TLD), Jukebox Rehab (a few months back), Patrick Ferguson, Brad Ward (a friend and member of the TBD Referral Group), Audrey Muck (with her husband Eric, whom I’ve talked about a lot, she was on WFDD, is part of VSS, they owned Augustine’s, has been on TLD, etc), James Vincent Carroll, and #25, a little tune you may have heard from someone named Timothy G Beeman II. You may have heard it a few times because I’ve played it on here a few times. It is the last song that I’ve written, to date and that’s 10 years ago. Wow.

Anywhat! You can listen to all of it for free but I strongly encourage you to purchase the compilation. It’s only $20 and proceeds go to WSNC service industry workers. We all would appreciate it. We are Winston-Salem Strong, Winston Strong, We Not Me, Support Local, We Are All In This Together!! Click here to hear it and purchase it, if you’re so inclined.

Until tomorrow, Winston-Salem Strong!
Scorp out!

“The Virtual Village Compilation showcases the talents of local musicians who are stepping up to help others.” – Dale Cole & The Virtual Village