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I am so longing for the opportunity to get back into Underdog Records and rummage through the used albums, some new albums and just to see Jonathan again. This is getting rougher as the time slips away. We’ve eaten well, though.

This week was a lot shorter in both the headphone/streaming listening and the actual record listening. The BCPF and I only got four albums in yesterday. I would say that we were busy but, other than cutting my hair, grabbing lunch and dinner, we didn’t do much of anything. We always listen from as early as we can to dinner time. Then we catch up on binge-watching, which right now is Roseanne. And, I was in the studio twice this week and was on some video conferences, so my headphone listening was lighter, too. Anywhat! Here’s the “headphone listen” list:


That was it for my private listening. Again, to explain what the “private listening” is, I use Discogs to pick an album that I already have on vinyl. That way, I am listening to what I have but not bothering The BCPF in the process, as she tries to work. So, I’m listening to my collection, just under headphones. Now to the record listening, what there is of a list, anyway:


There you have it. My/our slim listening lists for the week. Hopefully, this week I get more listening time. Or… hopefully, this week we can get some money coming in! That would be even better.

Underdog is still doing deliveries all over the Triad. He started just in WSNC and has moved to the outlying areas and, to me, is overworking himself. But, he’s a dedicated record store owner. Possibly the most dedicated there is. And, he’s the sweetest dude, too. You really should check out the Instagram (especially) and Facebook pages of Underdog Records. You can order new stuff, anytime, day or night, on the Underdog Records website. He can deliver to your house or ship it to you, unlimited LPs for $4. Get you some rekkids! And, obviously, I use Discogs to track my collection.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Cover me when I sleep. Cover me when I breathe. You throw your pearls before the swine, make the monkey blind. Cover me, darling please…” – “Shock the Monkey” (Gabriel)