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Dear sweet baby [enter deity here], please let this be over soon. If for no other reason, I want to get back to Underdog Records, see Jonathan and buy vinyl goodness. Amen.


©All the record companies… I don’t own the copyright on these

You know my religion is “non-Prophet” so that was really just symbolic. However, the sentiment is exact and true. I want to get back to Underdog. The good news is Jonathan is doing a lot of deliveries and is still getting in new stock. I don’t buy a lot of new stuff so that throws me behind. I am more about the used stuff and, well, I figured it’s just not as feasible for him to rifle through the used stuff. That’s okay. I have plenty to keep me company here, but there’s nothing like the thrill of bin diving. I love it. Anywhat!

This week, I was home more than usual (usual for the lockdown) and The BCPF had work and conferences via Zoom, so I was under headphones a lot this week. I listened to 23 albums. I should probably try to listen to some podcasts during this downtime but I really want to listen to music. I suppose this is the equivalent of being a chef and having to cook at home, or being a truck driver and having to drive the family to Florida for vacation or per my old job working with the family sand business, why would I go to the beach when I can see sand anytime I want? So, I’m just not in the mood to listen to podcasts on my “downtime.” That’s cleared up.

The criteria for my streaming listening (for this list, anyway) is this: I have to own it on vinyl. I can’t listen to it on vinyl because of the situation, but I want to act like I am. So, I use the Discogs shuffle feature and see what pops up. Oddly enough, on the same day, I had two from The Who and even odder, I had two Yes albums right in a row; one I wish I had drawn after the other started. That worked out for me. Here’s my headphone “haul:”

That was a good listen haul, I think. I enjoyed most of it a lot. I didn’t have that I didn’t like, I just would have preferred something else, I guess.

Then yesterday, The BCPF and I had our listening time and we shuffled through these albums:


©The record companies

That’s what we listened to. Follow Underdog Records on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll see what he’s got going on and you can get into the delivery thing and have him bring you some records. Also, visit the website to order new vinyl. Obviously, I use Discogs and even more so this week. There are no TLD/UR specials right now but I still hope you listen to the episodes. Okay, that’s all I have. Have a great week, stay home if you can, wash your damn hands and stay safe!

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“Walked out this morning, don’t believe what I saw. A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore. Seems I’m not alone at being alone. A hundred billion castaways looking for a home.” – “Message in a Bottle” (Sting)