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I have great friends in this town. I have great friends who help others. I have great friends who are great musicians. I have great friends who make differences. The beauty is when all that comes together. Dale Cole, Chad Nance, Tommy Priest, Gabriel Higgins, Steven Jones, April Rhodes-Tillery of ServPro Winston-Salem North along with many others in this community have created what is called Dale Cole and the Virtual Village. The last two episodes of The Less Desirables have featured DCVV, so make sure you listen to them (here and here). Here’s one of the tunes that they recorded. It’s our friends Jim Moody, James Vincent Carroll and, of course, Dale Cole. Special thanks to all the behind-the-scenes folk that make this happen.

Until tomorrow, Winston-Salem Strong…
Scorp out!

“They had a vision of sharing the city’s musical talents to raise money for displaced service industry workers like Cole’s own stepdaughter.” – Dale Cole and the Virtual Village