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As has been the case for the last month, we haven’t really gotten anything new because Underdog Records is affected just like everything else in the world right now. So, in the spirit of “normalcy,” or the “Now Normal” that I call it, I used my listening time during the week hitting Discogs’ awesome shuffle feature and picked albums that I have and streamed them. I pay for Napster (the same that used to be arsehats and cheat artists out of their money, but they’re legit – they used to be Rhapsody) and the artists get paid for my listens, so yay for that. So, here’s what I listened to this week under headphones (not counting what I listened to for Beeswax Vinyl & More):


That’s a pretty good “listens” list, I think. Then yesterday, The BCPF and I got to listen to some records. We did our usual alternating turns and it was all “random grab” via Discogs shuffle. Here’s that list (in no particular order):20200419_113623

That’s my listening for the week. I really cannot wait until Underdog Records opens back up. This is really hard. It’s like having to ween off candy. Jonathan is my “candy man” and the records my candy. Well, you can still purchase things from him. Just go to their Instagram and Facebook pages and see what he’s putting out for sale. He’ll deliver to you, either personally or ship them to you. You can shop via the Underdog Records website, as well. You can also purchase one of the new Underdog Records t-shirts and proceeds go to Underdog Records to help them stay afloat. See how here.

You see the marvel of Discogs already in this post.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“You are here and warm but I could look away and you’d be gone. ‘Cause we live in a time when meaning falls in splinters from our lives. And that’s why I’ve traveled far, ’cause I come so together where you are.” – “Sentimental Lady” (Welch)