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You’d think in this time of “self-isolation” and “stay-at-home” and being surrounded by a lot of vinyl dreaminess that I’d have a lot of time to catch up on some listening. Yeah, you’d think that. But you’d be incorrect.



See, the thing is, while I am home working, so is The BCPF. We work no more than 12 feet from each other. She and I work with different music strategies. She’s more the indie folk/rock stuff from the early 90s on and I’m all over the place. So, while I do listen to music during this (when I’m not in the studio, alone mind you), it’s usually under headphones and listening to streaming.

Since we are both home and working, it’s less practical to put on a record or be mindful of what to listen to next. If we listen to something collectively, it’s Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM because we both dig that.

Plus, on top of this, I have been busier than I was before the lockdown. That food and beverage list has kept me steady for the last three weeks. It’s going great and getting a lot of traction but it is a lot of work. There are other lists that may have as much as we have on our list but they are using the Ron Popeil method of “Set It and Forget It.” They put the list up and don’t update it. They have erroneous information and… well, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about records and vinyl and listening and stuff.

I realized, too, that not only have we had limited listening chances but also that I haven’t posted a record-listening post since early March. Almost a month, actually. So, I’m going to make up for it today. This is what we have listened to since March 7.

Since I can’t get by Underdog Records (he’s not open), then we have to rely on our back catalog of vinyl. That’s a shame, right? We only have slightly less than 2500, I mean we’ll run out. I kid. Underdog Records has been selling still. Jonathan is posting on social media and people have been buying from there, the website, which he’s spent a lot of time updating, or from Discogs. He ships flat rate of like $4 or something (check the site) and if you live within 10 miles of downtown, he’ll hand-deliver your items to your door with “no contact” delivery.

There hasn’t been much TLD to talk about so there are not any TLD/UR specials right now. We’ll get back to that when we get back to life. Watch Underdog Records on social media or visit the website and buy some records, would ya?

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“I’m so sorry you have just reached my answering machine. I’m not in at present, I’m sure you know this whole routine. Leave your name and number and I’ll try and get back to you. You have thirty seconds to talk to me before you’re through.” – “Answering Machine” (Holmes)