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We are now into day whatever of “The Now Normal.” All the work on the WSNC Hospitality List has left me unsure of what day it is and what’s going on. The only saving grace is for what I either record or release as far as podcasts go. It did throw me off to record TLD on a different day of the week (two weeks in a row), but somehow I remembered to post it. I did record Fan Interference today.


Staring at lists got me like…

The mayor of WSNC, Allen Joines announced today a “Stay-at-Home” alert and that freaked people out. It starts on Friday but people are, of course, going to panic and continue to buy up everything, hoard stuff and put others in further need. People are going to worry about having enough to eat. I can assure you, you will. Even with the “lockdown” in place, you can still go to the store. You can still go to “essential” stores and yes, absolutely, you can still get food from restaurants. You can’t eat in, that’s true. You can have it delivered. You can get it to go. You can even just get curbside that you don’t have to get out of your vehicle for.

Yes, it is a disruption to “everyday life.” It is an adjustment. We will survive it. We will see the other side. It will take a bit. It will be uncomfortable for a bit. But, there is no reason to freak out. That does no one any good. To give you the rundown and updated food service list, visit this link.

Keep calm. Listen to some podcasts. Spend time with your family. And, yes, wash your damn hands!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Y’all made it happen.” – Katie Murawski