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Dear Reader, I’m apologizing to you upfront for the fact that I’m going to continue to inundate you with links to “the list.”

The list is the work of Lea Metz and myself, searching for what food and beverage businesses are doing in WSNC. Lea (pronounced Lee-ah, like my sister except hers if spelled with an “h”) joined Ray and me for The Man Who Ate the Town podcast yesterday. We all practiced social distancing and were each on a Zoom chat, Lea in WSNC and Ray in Mt. Airy and I was in the studio. You can hear that episode here.

I produce the Forsyth Mags podcast and was actually a guest on it this morning and talked about the list, as well. You can hear that episode here.

Technically, there are two different lists but that’s only for style and web usage. The data collected therein is shared between Lea and me. Nothing goes on that list unless we have discussed it with the other of us. We have had a great response and are still having people contact us to make sure their business (or a favorite of theirs) is on the list.

It has been shared and/or used by WXII, The Winston-Salem Journal, Yes! Weekly, and multiple Facebook and social media groups. I actually had someone text me today that said the executives at RJ Reynolds was using our list and had used/added it to their “teams” list. I am proud of this list and I know that Lea is, too. We talk about it all day every day, now. Someone is working on it now to make it more dynamic for cell phones and we will turn it into an app as soon as we can. We’re working on that, too. So, to update you on the list, you can find it here.

Thanks again for reading it and listening and for spending money at the local F&B businesses.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Hope this is over soon and we get to see you here.” – Nui Nui