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Early to rise and out the door. The BCPF and I went to Young Cardinal Cafe (again) and had a fantastic breakfast. We then went to Underdog Records and got just a few records and came home to listen. It was a good day. Happy Daylight Saving Time. There’s the haul:



  • Cowboy Junkies – The Caution Horses — The BCPF’s and my first date was to see Cowboy Junkies in Charlotte. This is from 1990 and, while a cut-out, was still sealed and so we are taking it as new. I’ll admit that CJ isn’t my favorite stuff. I like the folky aspect but some of it gets a little annoying. But, The BCPF likes them, a lot, and that was our first date, so… New/NM.
  • Depeche Mode – Speak & Spell — The remastered, reissue of DMode’s debut album. It was the only one to feature founder Vince Clarke before he went on to form Yaz/Yazoo! with Allison Moyet and then Erasure with Andy Bell. The big hit on this album is “Just Can’t Get Enough.” I love me some synth-pop/synth-heavy music, especially from this era. New.
  • Bob Dylan – Street-Legal — Whew… Dylan. I’m just… I don’t know. This is late-70s electric Dylan and while it wasn’t bad… I just cannot get into it. One thing I did find interesting, though, on the back cover, it looks like Bob is doing his best Alice Cooper imitation. VG+.
  • The Cuff Links – Tracy — It turns out that the Cuff Links was pretty much just one of many projects by Ron Dante. The title track reached #9 on the charts in 1969. All the rich vocal harmonization was done by Dante, himself. When this got to the charts, the #1 song was “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies (modeled after the comic strip/book) and guess who was the head of that? Yep, Dante. So, it was just a lot of his playing around, which I can certainly respect. I’d do it. I have done it. So… VG+.

It was a very small haul this week, but Record Store Day is coming up, the list has been released, and I am having to save my collection money for that as we are up to 21 titles that we want. The average cost of these records can be around $25-30 and that’s a good chunk of change. We will pare down the list as the day gets closer and I figure what I can do without. The BCPF will have to do the same. If something comes along that I have to have before RSD, then I’ll buy it but my buying will probably continue to be light for the next little bit. You should go by and see what they have and what I’m leaving for you to buy! Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to see what the TLD/UR special of the week is. Use Discogs to catalog your collection. The “random” feature is pretty cool.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’…
Scorp out!

“We walk together, we’re walking down the street. And I just can’t get enough. And I just can’t get enough. Every time I think of you, I know we have to meet. And I just can’t get enough. And I just can’t get enough.” – “Just Can’t Get Enough” (Clarke)