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I don’t do a lot of exercising although I really, really need to. Heck, we all need to. Last year, we had one of our rounds of Allan Younger’s Cast of the Charismatic Creative Club, or whatever I decide to call the “Launch Challenge” finalists when Allan brings them in from the Small Business Center to be on The Less Desirables. In one of those sessions, I met an amazing woman.

Liz Hronek

©Liz Hronek, Miss Fit Boss

Her name is Elizabeth Hronek, I may have talked about her on here before. Her business is Miss Fit Boss and she’s not just another “fitness guru” or yoga instructor or nutritionist and all that mess. Not that I’m discounting any of those fine folks; many are my friends. They do good and important work. I love them all and will do anything I can for them.

I can almost wager that none of them went from around 300 pounds to around 150, has been featured on several news channels/talk shows for that and graced the cover of People™ Magazine or other publications because of it. Liz has.

When Liz was on TLD she was telling her story and I was feeling the weight, not only my over 300lbs arse, but, the health, mental and wellness aspect that comes with being a large person. When she and I were talking, the rest of the room blurred like the vignette filter for photos, no one else existed at that moment as she and I stared into each other’s eyes.

Now, don’t think this is some romantic thing, that’s not what I mean. There was just a connection. A spark. A moving feeling. She “touched” me in the heart and mind. I told The BCPF about that and she was intrigued because I have no self-motivating and self-determinating gumption to do anything physical. I hate working out and I hate exercise and I hate anything where my adrenaline gets going. That sounds like I’m lazy, and yes, I am, but that’s not necessarily the reason for my sloth-like tendencies. The BCPF was intrigued because it at least sparked some kind of intrigue in me.

But, Liz and I talked. We talked about her journey. We talked about my woes, not only the weight but the motivation and, again, gumption. She and I talked via telephone a few days later to get a better grasp of my “situation.” She has been on me ever since, but while I’m always glad to get her, “how’s it going?” texts, I generally pass it off as, okay, there’s the check-in. I think that’s an exaggeration. I do “mean” to do something but today, she asked for her update and I said, “my walking is still down, healthier options are up (we have been eating better stuff at home and West End Poke and Yamas and good, cleaner food has been eaten all around), my awareness of what I’m eating is up. That’s a plus.”

Her reaction? “That’s what up!! How can I support you?”  That’s what I love about Liz, she wants to support her “people.” That’s how I look at my “people.” I want to support them any way I can. My response was, “just keep on me.”

From there we went into a conversation about me wanting to do stretches. I am so stiff, that even washing my body in the shower is difficult, even in the warm water. We talked about a schedule for that and, of course, I found excuses and reasons why I can’t do that, knowing if I really want to do it, I can. Then I said, “I am alone in the studio, I’m thinking now would be a good start.” Her: “Ok, what time are you going to do it?” Me: “Maybe right now.” Her: “Maybe?” Me: “Yeah, I’m fighting with myself. Plus, I don’t know what to do. Find some beginners’ stretches on YouTube?”

That was at least a start, right? Then she sent a graphic of “RESET STRETCH” with some low-impact but effective stretches that also included some sitting, which I do really well. I did all of those twice. And that felt good. I asked what she had for hips and legs and she sent another graphic with some leg stuff.

All-in-all, I did those for about 20 minutes, in both sets and rotation. I broke a sweat, which is good and ridiculous at the same time. I was winded, too.

In the studio, I put on some meditation music over the studio monitors and kept the main room dark. The only light was natural light from the studio and the light from my phone. I felt good. She asked what time I was going to do it tomorrow and that I needed to set an alarm on my phone. I should get up earlier and do it first thing, get moving. The BCPF agreed to get me up between her bike and yoga times for me to do that.

I went to New Sichuan and had dinner. Good food, peppers, pork and soup. I came home and instead of going straight for the couch, I decided to file away the “listened-to” stack of records that had gotten to a stack about 12 records deep. I was bending over and kneeling to put the records away. I sent Liz a text telling her of my accomplishment, minute as it may be, it was a big step to me, and I felt good. She sent back, “Yes!!! Now start a success journal and write it in there to remind you.”

I don’t know if I’m going to do that, but since I am not afraid of blogging, perhaps I’ll roll out an old favorite that I’ve ignored for a while and let that be my “journal?” I don’t know, we’ll see. But, if nothing else, this is a start.

All that said, I want to point out that she does this for a living and she is darn good at what she does. She’s motivational, sweet, and somewhat scary. She cares. Find out more by following her on social media as missfitboss, Elizabeth Hronek or by visiting her website.

She is not paying me to pump her up. I am giving this unsolicited endorsement because I believe in her as she believes in me. Liz, I cannot thank you enough. Here’s to more motivation.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“If you’re having a challenge I promise you, you’re not alone!” – Liz Hronek, Miss Fit Boss