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The BCPF and I did go to Underdog Records yesterday but we were out of our house from 10a until 10p and didn’t get to listen to any records. I just put them in my Discogs and that will be tomorrow’s post. Today, however, I have to recap an awesome Saturday.


We started with breakfast at the brand-new Young Cardinal Cafe on Fourth Street, downtown. I had eaten there the day before for their first day and knew that I had to take The BCPF so she could try it. Great food, great quantity and great price. All a plus! I had the Huevos Rancheros and she had the Young Cardinal Breakfast.

We then went to Underdog Records and scored a huge haul but we didn’t get to come home to listen to any of it, as I stated earlier. Collage 2020-03-01 10_10_54

It was time to go judge The Big Sip’s Mac-n-Cheese festival. We had a lot of mac-n-chz and a lot of beer and spirits. A lot of both!! We met up with some good friends, we met some new friends and we just had a grand ol’ time. I got to sing on stage a little with Doug Davis (yes that Doug Davis), which is never a bad thing. But, eating a big breakfast and then all that mac-n-cheese? What was I thinking?

Then it was on to the annual TLD Post-Holiday/Anniversary Party at Finnigan’s Wake. We had a gracious host in Opie and our server Rachael, whom I called Rachael-By-The-Way (inside joke), took amazing care of us. We ended up with about 22 people, which is where I was hoping to have it. Only Bethany and Tracy were there from any of the Network shows but I’ll admit that I really didn’t put a lot of backing behind promoting it.

First, I had forgotten to even schedule it and then I forgot to promote it outside of the invitations on the first day. It wasn’t a lack of want or interest, I have just been slammed and that’s how it goes. That’s also what we’d call “careful what you wish for.” But, I’ve no complaints.

I want to thank Bethany, her daughter Bri; West End Poke/Burke Street Pizza/Quiet Pint/Uncle Buzzy’s (RIP) owner Dave Hillman and his lady friend Susie (or Suzy); The TLD Beer Guru C. Jay Platt and the Barley Babe Dory; Tracy and her date, Sean; Jordan Googe; Teleporter Extraordinaire Jeff Davids and his wife, Lynda’ my dear friend Elizabeth Nance; Maria and Rich Holbein; Brad and Faith Ward; Dale Cole; Kevin Heath; Angela and Hector Ruiz for coming to celebrate with me.

Danielle planned to come but one of the perils of owning a business is that you have to be there for it first and foremost. She was caught up at work. The Beer Dads both had prior commitments, Ray from TMWATT had a pastor’s retreat, Ty from Fan Interference had a WF softball game to call, and Apartment 5B’s Jeff Evans and Rory… well, I’m not really sure where they were, but I’m sure they were doing something important.

I am so proud of my “little podcast that could” and am very proud of what it has become. I look forward to another 10 years.


One of the coolest things (of the many cool things) that happened yesterday was being introduced to someone who realized that I was from the podcast that she had just listened to. She pulled up her phone to show me that she was subscribed to TLD and since I had on my shirt, we had to take a pic of it. I can’t remember her name and I hate that, but it’s cool that I got to meet her.


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Building relationships is what it is all about. I enjoyed The Less Desirables Annual Post-Holiday/Anniversary Party!” – Angela Ruiz