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Today is February 29 and being as we only see that date once every four years, it’s understandable that the pickings are slim to find releases for it. So, I picked one from yesterday, where I had to choose between U2’s War and this. Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s In 3-D. It was the general public’s first taste of Al. He had been big on the Doctor Demento show but if you happened to be in a market that didn’t have that syndicated, then you didn’t know much about it. This is his second studio album and it certainly was the first time I ever heard of him. My favorite album of his is the one that followed this, Dare To Be Stupid. Anywhat! In 3-D was produced by Rick Derringer and featured several great parodies but this was my favorite on the album and I would amaze the other schoolmates on the bus singing all the words. Enjoy!

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“I was there, to match my intellect, on national TV against a plumber, and an architect, both with a Ph.D. I was tense, I was nervous. I guess it just wasn’t my night. Art Fleming gave the answers, oh, but I couldn’t get the questions right-ight-ight…” – “I Lost on Jeopardy” (Kihn/Wright/Yankovic)