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I wanted to take a few words to talk about the newest podcast on The Less Desirables Podcast Network. My pal, Eugene, who has been one of my besties, probably the bestie for the last 25 years and who was a former co-host with me on The Less Desirables, and author of the award-winning blog, Wheeler’s Dog, has turned that blog into a podcast.

It’s called Wheeler’s Dog Podcast. WheelersDog

It’s basically a well-planned and somewhat twisted stream of consciousness in spoken word format. It’s like him vomiting his quirky, sarcastic, curmudgeonly-laced personality into a podcast, but he’s funny as heck and ultimately he delivers with the podcast his own oddball version of love.

What does all that mean? It means you’re going to love it because it’s decidedly Eugene. And to know him is to love him.

I’m especially proud of this podcast because not only is it my pal doing it, not only is it him doing a podcast, not only is it on the Network, it’s him stepping into a realm that he is both very familiar with and very different than what he’s used to doing. I have been coaching him, helping through the learning curve, getting the episodes distribution-ready, and getting him on the major podcatcher services. I haven’t seen him that excited in a while. He has a Patreon page where you can subscribe and become a supporter which will get you perks like Patreon-exclusive episodes and “something cool.”

So, as the “mouthpiece” of the Network, and on his behalf, I invite you to listen to the first few episodes of the Wheeler’s Dog Podcast by visiting the Network site. You can also look up Wheeler’s Dog Podcast on YouTube and listen to the “free” episodes there, if you wish.

Welcome, Wheeler’s Dog Podcast, to the TLD Network family!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let me talk about one of the things that have been bothering me lately…” – Eugene B Sims