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Today is the 50th! Yes, the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut. Hailed by many to be the first “heavy metal” album, and the title track (which means that it’s a song called “Black Sabbath” on an album titled Black Sabbath by a band named Black Sabbath) is considered, again by many, to be the first doom metal song. I have no clue what “doom metal” actually is, but hey, some think it’s what it is. Another intriguing aspect is the song “N.I.B” which over the years people have tried to call “Nativity in Black” but really, Bill Ward had a goatee that was shaped like a pen nib and when it came time to name the piece, Geezer Butler couldn’t come up with a title. So, he called it “Nib” but added the periods to add “intrigue.” It worked. This is one of the few covers I could find and it was released today in honor of the 50th. Woot. She hits some notes, for sure. Enjoy!

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“Big black shape with eyes of fire telling people their desire. Satan’s sitting there, he’s smiling. Watches those flames get higher and higher. Oh, no, no, please, God, help me!” – “Black Sabbath” (Iommi/Butler/Ward/Osbourne)