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I am doing the “Sounds Like” on Friday because I’m in a hurry and need to really concentrate on the subject I need to talk about. And yes, I promise I’ll bring back the Friend Friday thing. I just want to make sure that I give the companies that I highlight the right dedication and consideration to do them justice. Otherwise, why do it?

Anywhat! I never get enough of Neil Peart and now we have a finite amount to work with since his passing. This “thick boy” as he calls himself (and he’s just honest) plays some mean drums and while he does sound like he skips a hit here and there, it is much better than many drummers that I’ve heard and I know it is better than I could do. So, enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“What you say about his company is what you say about society. Catch the mist. Catch the myth. Catch the mystery. Catch the drift.” – “Tom Sawyer” (Lee/Peart/Lifeson/Dubois)