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I am a lucky man. A truly lucky man.

I love what I do. I know you are probably tired of hearing (reading) me say this and I know I say it a lot. I love my “job.” It’s not a job, per se. It’s not a career. It’s just what I do. What I do is podcasting. Just like I said on Monday (with the 10th anniversary of the first episode of The Less Desirables), without The Less Desirables, I probably wouldn’t be where I am in this industry.


l to r: C Jay, Danielle, Scorp, Bethany, Brian, Eugene, The BCPF, Caitlin, Dory

I’m no big wig in it, but around here, to quote Ron Burgundy, I’m kind of a big deal. That is just me taking goofy, I don’t really think that I’m that big a deal.

Tonight, though, I got to realize what great friends and “family” I have. My podcasting friends. My podcasting family.

Brian, Eugene, Caitlin, Danielle and Bethany, all former or current co-hosts of The Less Desirables, joined The BCPF, The Beer Guru – C Jay Platt and his wife Dory (The Barley Babe) in helping me celebrate this podcast and what it has become. Brian came all the way from Richmond, VA and drove back after the podcast. Caitlin came from Baltimore. C Jay and Dory came from Charlotte. That’s amazing.

We talked about starting the podcast (Brian and I), Eugene’s joining and “not leaving,” Brian’s education and subsequent departure, Caitlin’s arrival, Eugene’s departure, Bruce’s arrival and departure, Danielle’s arrival, Caitlin’s departure, Bethany’s arrival and Danielle’s hiatus.

We talked about our memories, our guests, our music, our episodes and so on and so on.

I’m not going to write much more right now, I want to just relish the moments.

I can’t thank every one of them and every one of you that may have ever listened to the podcast, enough. If you hadn’t, perhaps you would? I recommend this one.

Tonight was a great night, a great show, a great time with great friends and family.

Until the next 10 years, this podcast at any pod time…
Scorp out!

“Better than tuna fish on cinnamon swirl raisin bread…” – The Less Desirables