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Remember when you used to do the #FF on Twitter just a few years back? It stood for Follow Friday or Friend Friday (according to who you asked) and as far as I can tell, no one really does that any longer and whilst I’ll admit I was slack on that on Twitter, I will also say that Twitter isn’t my main social media platform and I just didn’t do it. But, I think it was a good idea and I’d like to pick that back up, except do it here on this blog.

I have a slew of friends that are interesting folks. They may have businesses, they may be musicians, they may just be eclectic as heck, whatever! I just think they need to be highlighted more because they bring awesomeness to the world and we’re lucky to have them here in WSNC.

My friend Haydee Thompson owns, operates and curates the artist wonderment that is the Wherehouse Art Hotel. This “hotel” is located in the area above what used to be The Werehouse and then PS 211 (or Project Space 211). It is located at 211 E 3rd Street in downtown Winston-Salem. More on that address in a moment…_where

The “hotel” is an AirBnB that Haydee runs and it’s much more than just a place to lay your head.

According to their Facebook page: “Once an artist collective the Wherehouse has a long history of hosting artists and musicians from around the globe and is continuing in this tradition to include the community here.

“The Wherehouse Art Hotel provides a warm and home-like setting with an artistic touch brought to you by collaborations of designers and artists in which every hand made item has a story and is available for purchase in the spirit of supporting the Arts.”

They do installations of art from around the area and it isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but the art is usually for sale.

Each of the rooms is themed and when you stay in one of them you’re part of the installation. Not that anyone can just come in and look at stuff when you’re renting the room, but you are surrounded by the art. The rooms are Studio Loft, Screening Room, The Green Room, The Gallery Room (where you actually are in the gallery). There are event spaces and a kitchen that are available for parties and gatherings, too. If you’re feeling frisky, you can rent the whole hotel. That’s the event space, the lobby, the kitchen, with four rooms and six beds.

Plus, Haydee is sweet. You’ll love her. Everyone does. For more information or to book a room, go to their website. Go spend the night with some art.

I said that the WAH was located at 211 E 3rd Street and “used to be called this” and “used to be called that.” What it is currently known as, and has been for the last decade and more is Krankies. Krankies started as just a coffee roaster that still had live music and some craft cocktails. They’ve moved away from the live music (mostly) and still roast their own coffee and have a full-service coffee shop with a full bar, dinner specials, breakfast, lunch and more.

There’s an open-air patio and in the cooler months, it’s enclosed. There is also ample seating in the dining room. It’s a great place for meetings because there are places to sit, the offerings are fantastic and you can have a beer or coffee.

I love their sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, the chicken biscuit with Texas Pete honey, and the biscuits and gravy for breakfast. No… not all at the same time. In fact, I had one, okay, okay, two of the SEC biscuits yesterday before my marathon session with Forsyth Magazines. Other breakfast items include the Huevos Rancheros, Challah French Toast, a Breakfast Burrito, Hoppin’ John (rice, red field peas, house-made chow-chow, and cornbread), and a grit bowl.

_krankThey have burgers and we know I love burgers. I recommend the Cheesy Western with a fried egg and pickle relish. I dig it, but there are other burger options, too. There are salads if that’s your thing. Like I said, they have dinner specials, too. I’d watch their social media for the lowdown on that stuff.

Krankies has what is probably the most distributed local coffee in WSNC. I’d say that around 70-80% of the restaurants in town that serve coffee serve Krankies. It’s easy to get and it’s good.

This is where I held The BCPF’s hand for the first time and it’s where I told her I loved her the first time. We sat one day from just past 2p until 7p gazing at each other. So, it’s special to me.

Give Krankies a try for a good meal and good coffee. Visit their website.

Neither Wherehouse Art Hotel nor Krankies are sponsors of mine so these are honest reviews and I get nothing in return for the unsolicited recommendations.

I hope you’ll visit my friends soon, not just Fridays, and help local businesses and local business owners and hey, you can get good beverages and delicious pies! Thanks for reading about my friends.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“We aim to celebrate Southern food traditions with our own modern twist, ideally creating an environment that produces simple, flavorful, well-sourced, and well-prepared food and coffee to help build and sustain the culture and vitality of Winston-Salem.” – Krankies