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My friend Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) has like 356 side musical projects. One of them is this thing called Fanner. According to their Facebook page, the influences for this project are Peter Gabriel, Steven Wilson, Elbow, Radiohead, Pink Floyd. I don’t know much about Elbow, but the rest I can at least say that I like. Gabriel and Floyd are some of my faves. I told Doug that if I were in the market (or in the mood) to get back into music, this would be the kind of project I’d be interested in doing. 

I was sitting at home and was thinking about how I should pick up a guitar again. Then I thought to myself, well the only thing keeping me from doing it… well, is not doing it. So, I put down my computer, went upstairs and picked up my Mexican Stratocaster that I haven’t touched in probably a year or more. I plugged it into my Line6 amp and dialed through some presets. I didn’t really get anything out of it other than some sore fingers, but it felt good having a guitar in my hand again.

Do I want to do anything musically leaning? Well, not really anything out like gigs or anything but I’d love to make some music again. I miss doing it for myself. I don’t really have the outlet or time for anything, but I’d still like to pluck around a bit more. I need to make time in my week for that. Just 10-15 minutes or so. Kind of like exercise. Except, it’s not really like exercise, but it would be like musical exercise.

So, I had a good time doing absolutely nothing but doing it musically. In honor of this, I am including the video from Fanner/Doug Davis, directed by Jack Pennington at Green Sneakers Media.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This is completely a solo project, and I have no plans or intentions to play any live shows, but I’ve been enjoying having friends help me out here and there, in the studio.” – Fanner