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The stage is set! We know the two teams that will be playing in the LIV game on February 2. It will be the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

I am clearly pulling for the Chiefs here but for more than one reason. Let’s start with the obvious. I hate the 49ers. Now, they’re not the Patriots or Cowboys or Ravens or Bengals or Browns but they are danged close. I think the biggest reason for that is they have five Super Bowl rings. They were the first to get there, even before my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers (who were the first to get to 4-0). I was adamant about the 49ers and Patriots and Cowboys staying behind us. Now that the Patriots won the worst SB game of all time last year and tied us, then it’s not as big a deal, but I would rather no one else be 6-x.



And, I really don’t like their uniforms. We know how fashion-conscious I am about pro sports unis and this is one of the ones I don’t like, except for the fact that it’s “classic.” I do like that aspect of it. And, really, I like Raheem Mostert and Jimmy Garappolo and Richard Sherman. George Kittle, meh. But, some of the players I really like. I like the coach even. But I have to dislike them on principle.

On to the Chiefs. I like Andy Reid for the most part. He’s a good guy and he needs to win one big game so he can get that “legitimacy” thing out of the way. I don’t think he needs it for legitimacy, but others do and perhaps he does. I don’t know. But, I hope he wins.

do like the Kansas City uniforms. All that red. They will be in their dark colors, too because they’re the home team. Yay! I like Tyreek Hill. I like Travis Kelce. I like Damien Williams. I like Mercole Hardman. I like Sammy Watkins. I like Tyran Matthieu. I like the whole team. But, most of all, I really, really like Patrick Mahomes. He is amazing to watch and he mastered the “no-look pass” but I hope he abandons that in this game. No need to get fancy. They have to muster a lot of points because I foresee SF putting up a shload of points. They won the game yesterday in a rout over Green Bay and Jimmy G only threw the ball six times! So, Mahomes and Co need to sling a lot of balls and run up some points. Just like they have the last two weeks, except they need to do it early instead of getting behind early.

The Chiefs haven’t been to the big one since 1970 when they won Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings. They lost the first one (which wasn’t called the Super Bowl, yet) to Green Bay. I was hoping for a rematch of that being as this is the 100th season of the NFL. The 49ers were there in 2013 and lost to the Ravens. This should be a good game and I don’t think either team is really mismatched overall, just in their approach. Both teams are offensive beasts and KC has come into its own on defense where SF is a defensive wall.

I do think it has a chance to be a ridiculously high scoring game because both teams can put up big numbers. But, then again, that chance was there last year, too and that whole game was a dud from the get-go. I would love to see it go both teams into the 50s. Well, okay, maybe just the Chiefs and the 49ers stay in the 20s. That would be better for my ticker. Anyway, both teams are young and talented. Here’s looking forward to this game!

Who are you picking, Dear Reader? Or, are you one of those, “my-team-isn’t-in-it-so-I-don’t-care/I-won’t-watch-it” people? I said it a few posts back, I’ll watch any NFL game, even if I don’t like either team. I haven’t missed a SB since XV and don’t plan on it until I’m gone, so I certainly won’t miss that one. Plus, we’re having a small gathering at our place, so here’s to a good game.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Chiefs are the designated home team for Super Bowl LIV, (sic) because the AFC team is the designated home team in even-numbered years and the NFC team in odd-numbered years. As the designated home team, the Chiefs have elected to wear their standard home red jerseys with white pants. The 49ers will wear their standard white away jerseys with gold pants.” – Wikipedia