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The BCPF and I finally had a normal Saturday. We didn’t have to put anything together. We didn’t have to install anything. We didn’t have to go anywhere. We didn’t have to work on the house. We had breakfast. We went to Underdog Records. We came home and listened to records all day. I told The BCPF I want today to be as “mindless” as possible. It fit the bill perfectly. Here’s our haul:



  • Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? — As much as I love hard rock and metal, I don’t really have a lot of it on vinyl. I’ve been looking to add some Megadeth and this was there and ripe for the picking. It’s a 2017 reissue, but that’s good enough for me. Not necessarily my favorite from Dave and Co, but it’s a good start! New.
  • Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes — Amos’ debut solo album after breaking up Y Kant Tori Read. It was co-produced by Ian Stanley who used to be with Tears for Fears and was a big reason why Songs from the Big Chair was so popular. This was happening about the time I was rejecting anything that wasn’t hard or heavy and nothing that remotely sounded “alternative” was allowed. I realize how ridiculous that is, but at the time, my angst was against those with angst. This is good, although she does still kind of get on my nerves. Like a more talented Jewel. New.
  • Mötley Crüe – Too Fast For Love — I did this for the Eugeology list back in 2017. You can read my review here. I try to collect anything that I did on a “list” and again, hard rock in my collection. My review more than describes anything you need to know about it. New.
  • Ultravox – Rage In Eden — I have grown to dig what I hear from this band. They were new wave and most of what I know of them I hear on 1st Wave on SiriusXM. When I see or hear them, I immediately think of my pal Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) and a conversation we had after a Vagabond Saints Society gig sitting at Finnigan’s Wake. I only have one other thing from Ultravox and that’s Vienna. This is good First Wave synthpop. I dug it. EX/VG++.
  • R.E.O. Speedwagon – R.E.O. Speedwagon — I have a confession to make. Well, a couple, actually. First, I’ve never really liked REO (or R.E.O.) Speedwagon. I loved Hi Infidelity and some of Wheels Are Turnin’ (that album is mostly crap) and a few other songs here and there. But, overall? Nah. The other thing is I never knew that Kevin Cronin didn’t found the band. I always thought that since he was the end-all-be-all in the band that it was his baby. Nope. This is the band’s debut and Terry Luttrell is the lead vox. I couldn’t pass up having it, but I don’t see me really enjoying it so much. VG+.
  • Cutumay Camones De El Salvador – Patria Chiquita Mía — Cutumay Camones was a band from El Salvador whose stated objective was to “recover Salvadorean cultural roots and to provide popular music for the national liberation movement.” I guess they accomplished that? I don’t know. The BCPF picked it up. VG+.
  • Frank Strozier – Fantastic Frank Strozier — So this was not from Underdog Records. This is from a “first.” One of our loyal listeners on the Apartment 5B podcast sent this to me. The album was in a jacket and had a post-it that reads, “For Producer Tim (that’s what I go by on that show)… Had to go really deep… my 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher.” I think from what Jeff Evans (the podcast’s host) said, the 5th-grade teacher really recommended that album to him. I looked this up because I don’t know anything about it. So, the rhythm section, that’s the bass, drums, and piano had all played on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue earlier in 1959. It was also one of the few recordings to feature a brilliant, young trumpeter named Booker Little who died of uremia at the age of 23 in 1961. Strozier is a saxophonist and I really can’t wait to hear this. So, many, many thanks to you, “Loyal Listener Matt,” for sending this to me. I really, really appreciate it. NM.

So, a mid-sized haul and a lot of good stuff. Jonathan had a lot of new-to-the-store used vinyl and has restocked some of the new stuff so he is churning out some records! Good used equipment there, too. Speakers, receivers, good stuff. Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special. I’m going to give you one for free right here. There are a lot of cool records in the clearance bin there at Underdog Records. Go in and tell Jonathan that you heard from The Less Desirables that you should get something from the clearance bin and you’ll get an additional discount on the things in that section. Don’t expect me to give away the beans every time, I still need you to listen to the podcast! I use Discogs to track my collection and the collections of my friends.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Excuse me, but can I be you for a while? My dog won’t bite if you sit real still. I got the Antichrist in the kitchen yelling at me again. Yeah, I can hear that. Been saved again by the garbage truck. I got something to say, you know but nothing comes. Yes, I know what you think of me, ‘you never shut up.’ Yeah, I can hear that.” – “Silent All These Years” (Amos)