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Remember when you used to do the #FF on Twitter just a few years back? It stood for Follow Friday or Friend Friday (according to who you asked) and as far as I can tell, no one really does that any longer and whilst I’ll admit I was slack on that on Twitter, I will also say that Twitter isn’t my main social media platform and I just didn’t do it. But, I think it was a good idea and I’d like to pick that back up, except do it here on this blog.

I have a slew of friends that are interesting folks. They may have businesses, they may be musicians, they may just be eclectic as heck, whatever! I just think they need to be highlighted more because they bring awesomeness to the world and we’re lucky to have them here in WSNC.WashingtonPerk_logo_250px

If you’re in the Downtown WSNC area and need to get your milk, sugar, peanut butter, beer, wine, soft drinks, napkins, paper towels, fresh fruit, potato chips, toilet paper, coffee, a latte, a good sandwich and many other “provisions,” then there’s really one place you need to know about. That place is Washington Perk and Provision Company.

Washington Perk and Provision Company started in the Washington Park area and expanded into the downtown area when an art gallery became available in the Chatham Building at the corner of Fourth and Cherry. They sold the original location and are focusing on the downtown location.

They buy fresh fruit several times a week. They have a wall of beer and wine, much of it locally brewed and fermented. Ashe County Cheese can be found in the coolers at the Perk. Mexican Coca-Cola is sold at the Perk and that’s made with real sugar, not that nasty high-fructose corn syrup that most of our Cokes have. Le Bleu water in various sizes. Milk, butter, cheese and probably other dairy items from Homeland Creamery.

All the toiletries that you may need are available at the Perk, too. Get toothpicks, napkins, hot sauces and canned goods right there.

They have a full coffee shop for your latte and Americano needs. This includes various teas and drips, too.

There are several varieties of potato chips, cheese puffs and other bagged goodies in the back of the store. They have dried fruits, bread and other various munchies.

One of the best parts is the deli counter in the back that can make you a fantastic sandwich and they’re really affordable. One of my faves is the “Italian Stallion” which is a few Italian-style deli types of meat on a hoagie roll with cheese and whatever fixings you want.

Lastly, but not least(ly?), there’s Wolfie’s Custard. They purchased the company a few years back and they have around 15-20 different flavors. Most of those you can get in cold weather as well as always in the warm weather.

Washington Perk and Provision Company is located at 401 W Fourth Street in Downtown WSNC.

Full disclosure, Washington Perk and Provision Company has the distinction of being the only dual sponsor of both The Less Desirables and The Man Who Ate the Town podcasts. So, I may get compensation from them, however, this is an honest and heartfelt (and was not asked to make it) recommendation.

Around the corner from the Perk, on Fifth Street, is Small Batch Beer Company.

Small Batch BeerSmall Batch started back in 2014 and before they opened, the (then) three partners Ryan, Tim and Cliff contacted The Less Desirables about coming on and talking about their beer and brewery. They were one of the pioneers of the downtown beer scene (after Foothills, of course) and took an old favorite location and turned into a modern place that brings liquid goodness to the masses.

They started a little smaller and have grown to 12 taps of both “favorites” and rotating varieties. They started serving food after a year or so of being open and then expanded to a whole new joint that focused on burgers and fancy milkshakes. They pulled back on that and now have a “ramen” place in the former burger space that is open a few days of the week. But, they still have some burgers on the food menu and you can order from them via Uber Eats, DoorDash and other delivery services.

Tim has bought out Cliff and Ryan and has kept the beer going strong. Their brews are solid and being in the location is pretty cool, too. It’s easily accessible from the Marriott, Embassy Suites, the Benton Convention Center, and everywhere downtown.

Small Batch Beer is located at 241 W Fifth Street and is waiting to serve you a great “cold one” as well as wine and a full ABC selection.

Small Batch was the first presenting sponsor of The Beer Dads podcast. I appreciate them and their support. They are no longer that sponsor so everything I say about them is an honest and unsolicited recommendation. Give them a shot!

I hope you’ll visit my friends soon, not just Fridays, and help local businesses and local business owners and hey, you can get good beverages and delicious pies! Thanks for reading about my friends.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Small Batch Beer Co. is a brewery and handcrafted cocktail bar in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. We screen the beautiful game (soccer/futbol) on our projector every weekend.” – Small Batch Beer