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A fun Saturday that was a little late starting (just like today) but we had breakfast (or lunch) and then went by to see Jonathan at Underdog Records. Good listening, too. Here’s the haul:

  • The Police – Synchronicity — Yep, I found another. This was one of the 2019 reissues, but it had a variant cover that I didn’t have, so I bought it. Someone got it for Christmas and decided they didn’t like it and sold it to Jonathan. One listen through so it’s NM.



  • Touré Kunda – Casamance Au Clair De Lune — According to Wikipedia: “Touré Kunda is a Senegalese band noted for their musical versatility and political activism. Their 40-year career encompasses recordings in over six languages and collaborations with well-known musicians such as Carlos Santana and Talking Heads. They have had considerable success in Africa and Europe and are active in social causes such as Children’s rights and advocates for the homeless.” It’s good stuff. We enjoyed listening to it as we are fans of the world music genres and we have a few. This was a really good listen. VG+.
  • Squeeze – Babylon And On — There were five singles released on this album and I’m not sure if I know any of them. I don’t know if any of them get played on 1st Wave on SiriusXM much. I’m indifferent to Squeeze. I like them, but I really don’t pay a lot of attention to them. The singles are “Hourglass,” “Trust Me to Open My Mouth,” “The Waiting Game,” “853-5937” and “Footprints.” VG+.
  • Graham Parker And The Rumour – The Parkerilla — I think I’ve said this before but Parker reminds me of a mix of the new wavy side of Elvis Costello and the punk aspects of Joe Jackson. This is a live album and it’s actually pretty good, for a live album. VG+.
  • Heaven – Bent — I believe this album has been known as three different things, HeavenTwilight of Mischief and Bent. The band, as far as I can tell, is Australian and the guitarist, Bradford Kelly, designed the “Kelly” guitar for Jackson, which was probably most famous as being the guitar of choice of Marty Friedman in his Megadeth days. I always loved the design. I don’t know what it sounds like but it sure looks like something that my pal Bobby Richardson, the drummer from Heavens Sake (how coincidental) would love. We always joked that he would go through records (or CDs) just to find some band with a lot of hair. That was his thing. VG.
  • Boston Pops / Arthur Fiedler – Star Dust — An album of “pops” music by the Boston Pops Orchestra and conducted by Arthur Fiedler. VG+.

Yep, a good time in the record shop, snotty weather and all. I wish I had the money but he has a beautiful Kenwood receiver in the store that looks beautiful and he says it sounds beautiful. It’s probably mid-80s and is in pristine condition. Good stuff. Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special. Use Discogs to track your music collection, no matter the medium.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“The hourglass has no more grains of sand. My watch has stopped, no more turning hands. The crew have abandoned the ship. The lights are on but no one is in.” – “Hourglass” (Difford/Tilbrook)