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The BCPF and I hosted our first New Year’s Eve event at our house last night. It was just a small gathering. The BCPF made a French onion pot roast and brie and fig jam pastries and I made my “breakfast deviled eggs.” It was potluck from there, so Beer Dad Jon and his Pilot brought salad stuff and pie and wine. Beer Dad Paul and his Pilot brought wine, potatoes au gratin, and a corn & green bean casserole. Our Jim Young brought a “hot corn” dish made with jalapenos and spices. It had a kick but was delish. 3B and Nephew CRAJ hung out with us long enough to eat. I even put 3B to work in the kitchen for a few minutes.

I played DJ with an “all request line.” Each guest had their own time to make a request and I told them all, “if I don’t have it, I have something comparable.” The only thing I didn’t have was BD Paul’s initial request for Louis Prima. He was satisfied with a little Dean Martin, though. We talked about music, life, fun, beer, food, it was just good.

Then we pulled out the playing cards. We play a little game we call “shitboots.” Yeah, I don’t usually use curse words on this blog but this is the name of it, so there. It’s a game that my brother-in-law had a hand in making up in his college days. I won’t get into the game right now, but it is a load of fun and Celeste, BD Jon’s Pilot, won both games!

We had the ABC feed on the tele when the ball dropped. But, we all agreed, instead of listening to the trainwreck that is always an NYE program (I am looking at you CNN), we continued with music and the sound “off” on the TV. We had a bubbly that was recommended by our pal Frank at Publix and he was spot on. It wasn’t too sweet and it hit the spot. Good stuff.

Hugs, kisses, smiles, promises of a great year. It was a great way to start.

So, my wish to all my readers and all my listeners of the podcasts that I host/produce, the happiest of new years and let’s have a productive, safe and prosperous year in life, work and everything else. Also, in the words of Bill & Ted, “be excellent to each other!”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness.” – William Shakespeare