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It’s Christmas Day, which means that The BCPF’s brother and mother come to Ma ‘Rents’ home and we all celebrate together. Then, The BCPF and I head to Chef Travis Myers’ house and along with about 45 other people we have a big family-style dinner. 3B was able to go this year and that was cool. Chef had him chopping and grating. It was cool to watch.


Chef Travis carving up some prime rib

Anyway, after 24 hours of A Christmas Story, the fam, the food, I need a vacation. I’m taking off until the first of the year. I’ll still be writing the blog, of course, I just won’t be “working” in the studio. I’ll do some stuff from home, though.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I’ll talk to you tomorrow…

Until then, Merry Christmas…
Scorp out!

“We prefer booze!” – Chef Travis Myers